Why I Film My Videos In The Car

I film all of my videos in the car. Before I go to work or after I finish work I will make a quick video in my car for Public Speaking Power. It may not be as professional as I would like, but it gets the job done and gets the content up on the website and that is what I am focused on at the moment.

There are a lot of distractions for me at home and it is also very difficult to get the sound quality I am after at home. The car just works perfectly for me at the moment. It is my rolling office.

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Here are the 3 reasons why I film my videos in the car

1. Great Privacy and almost no distractions

The main reason is that I have two little ankle biters at home. I have a one and a half year old and a three year old, and if I was to try and film at home that would just be too noisy.

They would be knocking on the door “Dad, Dad” and you would have all this background noise and things like that.

2. Great sound quality when not on a busy road

3. You can get it done quickly

What I do is before I go to work or after I finish work I’ll just sit in my car and film a video. I’m actually sitting right at the front of my house right looking at the paint work I did with great paint I found reading acrylic paint reviews online and filming a video just now before I head off for work very quickly.

Obviously I would prefer the to make it very professional looking video to have the all black background and things like that. I’de love to be standing up so I can use hand gestures and body language a lot more but at the moment this is what I got this is what’s working best them.

I hope you appreciate it so you have any feedback let me know but this is why I filming in my car and I’ll be doing this for the next little while until I get an office or something like.