How Public Speaking Can Help You Achieve Greater Success

Public speaking is an extremely valuable tool that can help you achieve great things in life.  in this article I am going to discuss how public speaking can help you.

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Public speaking is stated as the number one fear above anything else. But learning how to master the art of public speaking can be extremely beneficial to you in many different facets of your life.

So let’s break it down and look at some of the areas that public speaking can help us in our lives.

1: Further your career

Your career or your business is one of the places where public speaking is more beneficial than almost anywhere else.

Using strong public speaking skills can give you a great leg up over your peers and over people you’re competing against for different positions.

Public speaking can help you impress your boss. You can make a great impression if you’re confident in giving presentations in front of a crowd. Your boss might choose you to give more presentations in future because they know that it’s going to make them look good.

You can be seen as a thought leader and a stand-out performer. Be confident and capable of getting up in front of a crowd and you could be seen as one of the best workers in the company.

Standing up and talking about what you’re doing will make people perceive you to be better than other people because they know you.

2: Create context in your networks

It is important to create context in your professional network and for the people above you who are more likely to promote you.

You’re more likely to be seen by upper management if you’re able to speak in public and get up in front of a crowd. This creates context and a relationship – even if not a one-on-one relationship – so they can now interact with you.

They understand who you are. So when a job comes up and they’re looking through résumés yours will stand out because they know who you are.

Public speaking also helps you expand your professional network. You can inspire greater change and be seen as management material if you’re an effective public speaker.

And you will likely get more of those opportunities to present and be seen by your peers and by upper management.

3: Improve your self-confidence

Public speaking is great at building your self-confidence.

It’s difficult at first because public speaking is so scary. You feel so awkward or you don’t like the way you sound.

But you will build confident in the way you present yourself over time. It allows you to be confident not just in a public speaking situation but in a variety of social situations. You can be prepared for things like job interviews or business meetings.

You can also learn to think and act on the spot. Being good at thinking on the spot and “winging it” when you go into social situations will make you feel less stressed because you’ll know that you can handle whatever happens.

Build your self-confident and get positive feedback or constructive criticism from people. You can then continue to grow and become better at communicating.

4: Improve your social life

Public speaking can be very beneficial to you in your social life as well, all you need to do is to practice the Ritu Bhasin speaking techniques to become better each time.

It allows you to react on the spot and not get so worried about what’s going to happen because you’re an effective communicator. It’s not going to be awkward.

You’ll become a good story teller as well. A great deal of public speaking is about being able to tell stories. That’s what keeps people engaged.

Experience with public speaking will teach you which stories get a good reaction and which ones don’t. You can then use that in social situations to keep the conversation flowing.

5: Become a better thinker

Public speaking is good for your mind.

It can improve your critical thinking skills and make you a better and faster problem solver.

I believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it. I myself am not some award-winning public speaker. But I am learning about public speaking through teaching it.

Public speaking will stimulate your brain to learn topics even better than your peers. It will help you clarify your own thoughts and beliefs. Being confident to speak to people about your passions will also stimulate conversation.

Your ideas can sound very different when they’re thought and when they’re spoken. And so it helps you clarify your mind. And it helps you think at a higher level to your peers and improve your thought processes.

6: Become more influential

Public speaking will also help you with your influence.

You’re almost always are going to need to learn how to speak in public if you want to be influential. I think the only exception to this is people who run very successful blogs or newspaper articles where they have gained their influence through writing and not through speaking.

Video is soon going to take over text as the main form of content on the internet. This just shows that people who are happy to get up and speak – whether that is in front of people or in front of a camera – are going to gain more influence than those who are hiding behind a keyboard.

You’re more likely going to be able to lead a team. If you can speak to a group then you can almost always lead a group as well. You’re going to get more opportunities to lead teams and have greater influence there.

You can also have your thoughts heard. If you’ve got these great ideas but you never speak them out then no one’s going to hear them. Being a good public speaker means you can have your thoughts heard and make the world around you a better place and build up your influence.

7: Better your relationships

Public speaking is all about communication.

Some people believe that it is 70% body language, 20% tone and only 10% what you say. I think this is complete nonsense.

It’s about getting a message across from one person to another. Sometimes it won’t matter if you have the best structure or the best abilities in the world. If you’re talking about something that just means nothing to me then I’m not going to want to listen – no matter how good you are.

Communication is so important when it comes to your marriage and your family. Public speaking can help you become a better communicator within all of your relationships.

It will allow you to get the family to work together towards a common goal. It’s a big thing with public speaking. You’re rallying an audience towards one key message. You can do that with your family as well.

And because you’re going to become a better story teller, you can maintain attention in conversation at the dinner table.

8: Become a better everyday communicator

And public speaking will help you become a better everyday communicator.

Speaking in public will help you to remove a lot of poor communication habits. You will come to recognise your stutters or your hand moments or whatever awkward thing you may do.

Removing poor communications habits allows you to replace them with better ones. You can become better at communicating on the phone or via email and just in your everyday life.

So there you have some of the different ways that public speaking can help you become more successful in your life.

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