How To Utilize Audience Smartphone Usage [to your advantage] During Your Presentation – With Jesse Milani from


How many times have you got your phone out to check email or facebook during a speech, presentation or event?

The chances are more than once. In fact the statistics are staggering.

In a recent young adults meeting Jesse Milani noticed that at least 50% of the young adults were on their phones during the speech AT ANY ONE TIME!

This is a trend that we cannot buck. We need to learn how to engage our audience by getting them to use their smart phones…not by trying to get them off their smartphones.

In this awesome brainstorming session me and Jesse (from Pocket Fuel Daily Bible Devotions) discuss different ways we could utilize the audience’s smart phones to engage the audience.


I am really excited to share this one with you. It is a topic I am extremely passionate about and something that I don’t see many people talking about or doing during their presentations.

Let’s cause a change in the way we deliver a speeches. Let’s engage our audience where they are…which is on their phones.

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