Light-a-Life 350 Review

The Light-a-Life 350 by Goal Zero isn’t the perfect outdoor light, but it comes close. It’s been great for when I’ve been living in my van on going on local hikes in my area.

I’ve got 4 of these and in this Light-a-Life 350 review we’ll look at the details of the light as well as the pros and cons so you can better decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing.

hey guys ryan here from starting solocom and this is my review of the lighter life 350 from goal zero which can either be a down light or a lantern light as we can see here so I’m going to go into detail about the different features of this light as well as what I think so I’ve actually purchased four of these lights for my then it’s a multi-purpose light that you can either have it as bright or it does have a dimmed option you can have it as a lantern or as a downline as you can see and you can hang it with a carabiner which also has a magnet on it or it has a magnet on it itself as well and the reason that I chose these is that I actually have a Yeti 1250 which you can see here and I didn’t want to learn how to why our regular lining so a great thing about these is they plug straight into the Yeti or into a 12-volt slot as well which we will look at so I have already opened one of these so it comes with the light itself as well as a teeny tiny little booklet that talks a bit about the lights it also comes with this 12 volt adapter which you can put in the big hole there which then converts it into the 6 millimeter output which we will talk about so before we go ahead and turn this bad boy on I want to talk quickly about the features so the first thing that you’ll notice is the plug so this is a 6 millimeter 12 volt plug which can go straight into the Yeti like that if you do want to plug it into 12 volt that is what this adapter is for so that is the plug for it we also have a carabiner which we can use to hang it off things like we can hang it off a tree or we actually plan to run a wire in our van that we can hang these off the carabiner also has a magnet on top if you want to stick it on to metal so that’s pretty cool on the top of this if we go and have a look we’ve got our light switch so one way does it for brightness the other way does it slightly dimmer and in the center means that it’s off we’ve also got some magnets on top here three magnets if you want to attach it to a roof attaching it to a roof of the van which we would have loved to do it’s quite difficult because you’ve got to make sure that wire is not in the way you can stick on the roof but then you can’t reach the switch when you do that as well if you want to daisy chain them together you can do so through this hole as well but that means that you can’t really magnet onto the roof it’s nice feature having the magnets on there but in terms of practicality it’s not super practical unless this is maybe the last light in your chain and then you want it to stick it maybe onto the wall or something you could go ahead and do that but you’ll find that these lights they’re quite bright and so having it at the wall pointing like that if you look directly at it then it can hurt your eyes so I much prefer them pointing down I much prefer them in Lantern or just yeah above your head so you’re not actually looking at them so this light can just stay like that or we actually have the ability to unhook it and take it off and this now interlocks into there and that turns into a lantern you’ll also see that this is the cord storage as well so you can go ahead and unravel this and it gives you quite a decent amount of distance so without further ado let’s go ahead and plug this in and see how it works so I’ve got it plugged into my Yeti 12:50 let’s go ahead and turn the power on we’ll turn the 12-volt on and down here we can go ahead and turn the light on so you can see I think this is on its demo setting and then it becomes much brighter as well if you look directly at it you can’t tell from the video but it’s super bright to look at so I would definitely not recommend looking straight at it but it is a very bright light 350 lumens to be precise and it works great for us in the van having four of these is definitely going to be overkill for us but we like the flexibility of these in terms of we could have two in the van and then two running to our outside undercover area as well so you can also have it without the lantern part on and so it’s just going to point straight down and light an area so this can be great for above things like your kitchen bench or your dining table or something like that if you I want the broad area sort of lantern light you can really point this down on to an area to illuminate a particular surface one of the things I love about the LighterLife 350 is how easy it is to connect multiple lights together so you can actually chain up to eight of these together at a time and change them as easy we just simply unhook this little cover and we grab the input from the next light of life and we go ahead and plug it in it is a bit hard to get it all the way in so now that that’s plugged in this light will now work so we can see that this light is working we can now go ahead and connect the next one so I’ll go ahead and do that and now we’ll see this third light is working as well it’s really cool when chaining these together that they don’t affect each other so if you have the first two off then the third one’s still going to work you can do the last two you can do all three of them you can take the middle one off so you can do all sorts of combinations with your lighting it’s not like you have to have the first one on in order for the second one to work etc so we’ve got three of these going at full brightness at the moment and we can see on our getting that the output is 14 watts so they run apparently about 3 watts each on the higher setting so I’m guessing about 3 to 4 watts and if I drop them down to the lower dimness then we can see my output has dropped to 0 which isn’t correct but let’s put one on a higher brightness 6 watts so maybe 1 to 2 watts or something like that on the lower setting and 3 to 4 watts on the highest setting so all up I think this is a really great multi-purpose outdoor light as it says right here it’s just very versatile very easy to use you can connect multiple ones together it’s got the down light or it’s got the lantern it’s got two different brightness settings as well it’s got a long cord and yeah you can even buy extension cords from goal zero as well to make them go even further you can use them in your Getty or you can use them from a standard 12-volt car battery output and so all up they’re really great really easy to use and leave some links in the description if you’re interested in purchasing these I totally think they’re worth the money but I’ll leave it up to you to decide [Music]

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