Anything Is Better Than Zero – So Start Speaking

Hi guys, this is Ryan McLean from and I’m really actually really quite excited about today’s episode because I’ve been surfing the web, I’ve been surfing YouTube for things that are inspirational for me when it comes to speaking and I stumbled upon something by Gary Vaynerchuk which I have talked about him in some of my other podcasts before in the way that he speaks, the way that he interacts with people, the stuff that he puts out online because it’s so different to anything that I see. When I look at Toastmasters its polished, I mean man they are good, they know their words, they make no mistakes, they do not get interrupted, nothing goes wrong, they wear full business suits, all the shebang, nothing goes wrong at all. And then I watched Gary and them I am like: damn that’s a real person, that is a real person, that is someone that I can relate to, that is someone that I feel like I’m sitting across the table with having a chat with and what I wanted to do is that I pulled the audio from one of his videos on YouTube and I want to share it with you guys. And he talks about the fact that anything is better than zero.

And look I want you to look past the fact that he’s talking about internet marketing, that he’s talking about different things to public speaking, and I want you to bring it back to your life, whether it is speaking, whether it’s something else that you do that you want to expand upon, that you want to grow, whether it’s a business that you have, whether it is create that you are doing or family that you are making, anything is better than zero. And so this whole concept has really – I say it begins to define me but that’s not the right term. It has really made a massive impact on my life and given me huge motivation to go forward every day. Because I have shared this before that sometimes when I look at the speakers that are out there, when I look at the great things that people are doing, when I look at the coaching that people are doing, the money that people making, the YouTube videos that they have, the podcasts that are out there and I just get to depressed. I get depressed because I feel like they’re so far ahead of me that I cannot catch up no matter how hard I work, no matter what I do, I feel like there’s no point doing anything because these guys are already doing it so well. But yet I have this passion. I have this burning desire inside of me to communicate, to share about anything really whether that be public speaking which is one thing I’m passionate about, whether be investing in property, whether it be internet marketing, whether it be websites, whether it be about being a young dad or being a good husband or whatever it is, I just love communicating. I love speaking. And so the concept that I am about to throw over to with Gary is the fact that anything is better than zero. So when it comes to public speaking you can worry about the fact that you’re not perfect, you can worry about the fact that you’re not great, that you mess stuff up, that you might embarrass yourself or you can understand that anything is better than zero.

Any practice that you do is better than not doing practice at all. Any speech that you give is better than giving no speech at all. Any experience that you can gather, any stories that you can create, anything that you can do is going to be better than zero. And when it comes to, say you want to build a professional career in public speaking any gig that you take is going to be better than zero, whether it be free gigs, whether it be paid gigs. I was re-listening to one of the interviews that I did with Timbo Reid from Small Business Big Marketing and I noticed just a little sentence that he said in that interview which is after two years of doing his podcast that’s when the speaking gig started to come in and he started with free gigs and other business online, like doing online trading using strategies as the harmonic pattern for this. And you could hardly even tell that he said that when it’s in the podcast because it is just a fleeting sentence but he started with free gigs. And now if you go on to his website you can actually see the prices that he charges for his public speaking and I’m telling you it’s in the thousands of dollars and so he started with nothing and the same goes for you guys anything is better than zero. For me this podcast I am doing daily. Daily is better than zero. Daily is better than nothing.

So okay, I am going to start rambling I’m going to throw over to Gary and I am going to come back at the end and I’m going to summarize because I’m just pumped. This has just made me really excited. So if you’re starting your day this is a good way to start it because I think this is going to get you excited. Well I definitely hope it does, the same way it’s getting me all excited.

Hi everybody, it is Gary Vaynerchuk and you know I’m just sitting here, sorry, and I just got finished taping my tequila episode. I am sitting at my computer and I just realized like a lot people asking a lot about business questions like: How do you build your brand? How do you build your business? How do you get there? How did you the build the $50 million online shopper? How did the show get so big? I kind of realize something that I’m really taken aback by and I think it is one of the fundamental ground foundations of building any business or doing any entrepreneurial venture and that is the statement of this video, the statement that I live by. “It’s better than zeo.” I think way too many people are always going so global in their mind. When is it going to happen? Lack of patience, right? I think when you are building something even when you know you are big, I think about you know when I built the wine shop, when I built the wine show and when I had done other things in business. In my mind you know I was Oprah, I was Facebook, I was Google, I was you know the Jets, I was it. I did my thing. I knew what I had in my DNA. I knew what I had in my skill set. I knew what I brought to the table but the world didn’t.

The world didn’t know who I was and I had to earn it and even though I had already built this $50 million business in the liquor store industry when I got to the web 2.0 space to video content nobody gave a crap. Nobody cares that you are a big time lawyer. Nobody cares that you sold off this. You got to re-earn it and when you are re-earning it and if you have already done well or you come from nothing one or two, the two extremes it’s very hard to take minor victories but that is the key to success you know getting one little link. I still do things now that are below me that a lot of people in my market, a lot of people like: Why do you answer the email? Why do you do that? You know my friend Andrea Mac just had a baby. It’s awesome. Anyway, why would you agree to do that blog post? People always ask me that. Why do you guess plugging on a site that has a three million ____(unclear – 6:32?) Because everything is better than zero. Right? You are always going to put a price on your time and that’s what you’re giving up when you’re hustling. But when you’re building a business, when you’re trying to build something that you want to retire on or you want to do this full-time – I’m going to a new Media Expo in Vegas this week and everyone is like: Gary, I want you to do this fulltime. I do this but this is what I want to do fulltime. If you want to do it fulltime you have got to understand two principles – my I’m getting crazy, I am getting my pumped up. It’s this: 1) Patience and you’ve got to build your ass off and its going to take a long time and you just keep building and grinding and building; and 2) Everything is better than zero. Just get your extra links. Get talked about. Get a deal. Take 5 bucks or 7 to 10 bucks even though it’s worth 10 bucks on every other markets. Get $100 sponsorship of your show even though everybody’s getting a thousand and they’re getting less views. You understand? Get what you can get. Take it. Grab it. Anything is better than zero and you know what if you keep pounding away at that, if you put your head down and ram that in he-man style over and over and over taking little pieces little squirrel-like moves like an ant, at the other day you look around and you’ve got something and you start leveraging what you’ve got around you to build to the next spot and then you leverage again.

So everything, everything is better than zero. And the way you build on that is by hustling your face off.

So guys there you have it. That was Gary Vaynerchuk. You can check him out at or you can just get on Google and you can search for Gary Vaynerchuk and however you spell it Google will correct you because Google has geniuses. But I just found that so inspiring. I found that so amazing that no matter what you want to do in life if you’re willing to hustle, if you’re willing to as Gary said work you face off and if you’re willing to accept that anything is better than zero whether it be 5 bucks, whether it be 10 bucks, whether it be a free speaking gif that you get to do to get experience, whether it be a free podcast that you put out like this one when you begin to understand that anything is better than zero and you’re willing and you’re grateful for whatever it is that you get I think that you can see massive things happen and I think what happens is people see the success that other people are having and they just get frozen like a deer in the headlights. They are frozen, they don’t want to do anything because it’s such a big lake for me to get from you know where I am to where someone like Craig Ballantyne who is a professional public speaker doing hundreds of speaking gigs per year, getting paid probably thousands of dollars to live his dream and speak in front of audiences. When I look at where I am to where Craig is I can say that is a massive lift. For me to get there it is going to take ridiculous effort or I just think it’s impossible. But for me to say look anything is better than zero so when I am comparing myself to zero, hey I start to look pretty good. Don’t I? Because anything is better than zero.

And I’m just going to finish on one of my favorite quotes and let’s turn around into speaking as that: “It takes the same amount of time to become a great public speaker as it does to remain average. So if it takes you twenty, thirty or forty years to become a great public speaker well in twenty, thirty or forty years you are still going to be twenty years older, thirty years older or forty years older. And if you put in the hard work you are going to be a great speaker and be having a huge impact and if you haven’t you are still going to be the same age. You are still going to have spent those twenty, thirty or forty years but you are not going to be great.

So, I hope that this has encouraged today on your morning commute or on your gym ride or anything like that. If you want more tips to I guess practice your public speaking to take it from zero maybe not practicing at all and to start practicing in the privacy of your own home then I want you guys to check out a course that I have created called: “Private Public Speaking Power.” And so that teaches you some activities that you can do in the privacy of your own home to become a better public speaker and so you can grab that just got a and then you can gain access to that there or if have any listener questions, anything that you want to throw me that you want me to speak about please email me: . So thanks so much for listening guys and I’ll be back tomorrow with another episode.

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