Professional Public Speaking and Being Authentic With Tim “Timbo” Reid


tim-reid-professional-public-speakerIn this interview with professional public speaker and presenter Tim Reid we discuss how he became a professional public speaker and he also shares his advice about creating killer presentations where people walk away itching to take action in their business.

We discuss Tim’s journey and how he now earns the bulk of his revenue doing speaking engagements as well as the importance of being authentic and letting your own personality shine through.

The perfect podcast for anyone thinking about taking their public speaking and turning it into a career and a great podcast for people wanting to more about professional speaking and how they can be better speakers and more authentic speakers

My biggest takeaways from the podcast

  • Becoming a professional public speaker takes hard work but it IS POSSIBLE!
  • Learning the art of storytelling is one of the most important tools any speaker can have in their toolbelt
  • Being authentic is essential if you want to succeed as a professional public speaker

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