How To Become A Public Speaker And Get Paid (Ep20)

Wouldn’t it be great to be a professional public speaker? Wouldn’t it be great to be paid to stand up in front of a crowd and speak to the audience? To talk about our lives and help them improve theirs?

Today I want to talk about eight different ways that could help you to become a public speaker and get paid to do it.

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I get paid to speak. I don’t get paid to speak in front of crowds but I do get paid to speak in front of a camera.

My business is that I create a network of educational websites on many different other topics. I create videos that get turned into podcasts, they get turned into blog posts, and we make money through advertising, through selling affiliate stuff, and through also creating and selling our own products, and we get all these thanks to learning how to get clients and bring them to our business, for this resources as – law of attraction (LOA) help us a lot attract the clients we want and make our business thrive.

So I get to spend a lot of my time speaking. In fact, probably the majority of my day is either spent speaking in front of the camera or actually writing down what I’m going to speak about so I can speak about it.

Previous to my life as an internet marketer I did work as a sales representative/business advisor for a large pharmaceutical company. In this role I did many training events where I spoke in front of large groups of people. And I loved it. I loved getting paid for presenting and for doing what I love to do.

So what are some ways that we can become a public speaker and get paid to do it?

Tip#1: Do something amazing

Number one is to do something incredible!

How To Become A Public Speaker And Get Paid

I had an interview with a professional public speaker in Australia called Tim Reid. He runs a business podcast called “Small Business, Big Marketing”. He is very successful and in 2013 he moved into public speaking. This has become the core of his business.

We discussed how people can transition from wanting to be a public speaking to getting paid to do it. For him it was a very difficult road. He ran a podcast for over two years before he got a public speaking gig.

He states that the majority of people who get paid to give presentations have done something amazing.

Many companies will request inspirational people to speak to their workers. They may not even speak about the company’s products or services. Instead it may be a speech about motivation or working hard. But companies will often pay a great deal of money for these type of public speeches.

So you could win an Olympic gold medal or become a world champion. You could climb Mount Everest of sky dive from 100,000 feet! Doing something amazing is one way to get noticed as a public speaker and get paid to do it.

But this is admittedly rather difficult to do. So what are our other options?

Tip#2: Become a corporate trainer

Number two is to become a corporate trainer. Corporate trainers generally work in two ways.

The first is essentially a role in which companies will approach you with a request for their staff to learn about a certain topic. They would give you the company information and you would convert it into a training conference and deliver the speech.

The second way is when outside trainers approach the company and offer their services. Often they will be experts in delivering speeches on specific psychological or motivational aspects or in different subjects as business or finances, explaining people how to use resources as The Ascent site to improve their financial situation. So they sell a pre-made training day to the company, of different subjects including the market of different digital coins with the use of this Source: Good Coin Guide online.

Either way means that you’re becoming a public speaker and a trainer and you’re getting paid to do it.

Tip#3: Get into sales

Number three is to be in sales just like I was as a business advisor.

A lot of my time was spent talking one on one with customers. But I also spent quite some time in front of a group. I would train them on our content and help them be more effective and efficient in their business.

The sales industry can offer many opportunities to speak in public and to be paid for it. It may not be glamorous but you can make it your own. Tie in your own life experiences and write your personality into the presentations.

Tip#4: Become a high level executive

Executives are required to attend a lot of meetings and give a lot of presentations. This may not be your core role but it would be a notable responsibility.

So if you’re passionate about speaking in front of people then accept every presentation opportunity you get. Make it the best presentation it can be and then hopefully you’ll be asked to give more in the future.

Tip#5: Win a public speaking competition

Toastmasters is a great organisation that helps millions of people become better public speakers. And each year they hold an annual public speaking competition. People can compete and be judged on their speeches and presentation skills.

A great example is Craig Valentine. You can view some of his speeches on YouTube – including the speech he used to win the Toastmaster competition below. It’s a great speech and you can see why he won.

[youtube id=”gAfThre5lv4″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

He used that victory to move from speaking for fun to speaking fulltime and getting paid.

Tip#6: Give free speeches

Many people progress as public speakers by giving free speeches. You could do this at a high school or a college or a business meeting.

By giving free speeches you can build up a reputation and eventually start to charge for your speeches.

Tip#7: Start a video blog or podcast

Number seven – which is my favourite – is to start a video blog or podcast.

There is nothing stopping you from filming yourself and putting the videos on YouTube. Or you could record podcasts and put them on iTunes.

This is a great way to get feedback and to start building a reputation.

Hundreds of people download my own podcasts. People watch the videos. Thousands of people are viewing my stuff every single day because I decided to take a chance.

And I get now paid to do that. I get paid with advertising revenue and affiliate marketing products and so on. This is where public speaking power can go.

Tip#8: Look for occupations involved with public speaking

There are various other occupations that you could choose that involve public speaking in some way. You could become a preacher or a teacher. They get paid to stand in front people all day, every day. They speak and they teach. Look for any occupations where you can get paid to be a public speaker.

You could also become a school teacher. They stand in front of classes of thirty people all day, every day and speak and teach. That’s another occupation. Or you could look for other occupations where you can get paid to be a public speaker.

So I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can become a public speaker and get paid to do it. For so many of us this would be such a dream. So keep getting out there. Keep pushing and practising.

Because who knows? One day you could speak for yourself fulltime and earn a great wage doing it.

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