Rode SmartLav Lapel Microphone Unboxing (Ep21)

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Today I received the Rode Smartlav Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones (opens in Amazon). Rode is a great microphone company. They make some really stellar microphones. I’ve seen James Schramko from SuperFast Business use this microphone and I decided to get the same.

I wanted a lapel microphone to use it with my iPhone. The Rode SmartLav Lapel mic offers “Broadcast quality audio direct from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch”, which is exactly what I want.

It comes in a protective leather-like pouch with everything you’d need – the instruction book and Quickstart guide and so forth.

It’s a simple little microphone with a decent-sized cord to go from the iPhone to myself. You might need to get a cord extender if you wanted to do a full-body shot.

Just make sure when you’re buying an extension for the microphone that you buy a cord that has four slots on the end or it’s not going to work as an extension cord.

So I can attach this to my shirt with the clip very easily. It provides better sound and helps to prevent interference from background noise. If I were to run my audio through a program like Orphonic I would probably get even better results.

And there you have the Rode SmartLav Lapel Microphone.

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